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10 Signs You are Both Confident and Intimidating

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10 Signs You are Both Confident and Intimidating. Confidence is when you have conviction or belief in yourself and your abilities. This, in turn, boosts your mental well-being.


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In a nutshell:

On the other hand, intimidation is often linked with a strong personality. Interestingly, many people find confidence intimidating. A good explanation for this is that when you`re confident, you give off a positive, strong air that cannot be easily vanquished. And when you`re happy, it makes things better, like you`re strong enough to conquer all problems.

But how do you truly know you`re those two things–confident and intimidating? Speaking your mind is also another sign. And so, you aren`t afraid to speak your mind, instead of beating around the bush or sugar-coating your words. You`d be the one to speak the hard truth when no one else would no matter how it`ll make someone or others uncomfortable. It`s why you don`t have tolerance for people who speak without thinking.

And this makes your personality stronger, and maybe intimidating, to the rest. You`re intimidating because you have an air of confidence in you. You would look into people`s eyes and speak confidently because you know enough about the topic of conversation. Even during casual conversations, your confidence can be felt in your assertive tone.

This air of strong belief in oneself can be beautiful, and sometimes, intimidating, to others. Even the most confident person in the room can have bouts of insecurity and self-doubt. 3. You`re open-minded and an active listener.

Often, those who feel intimidated by you are close-minded people themselves because you`re the polar opposite of them. In fact, confident people speak less, and instead actively listen more. This, along with your open-minded eagerness to continue growing can throw off those around you. Another reason a person can be both confident and intimidating is that they are very self-reliant and know their value.

Confident and intimidating people tend to be too independent. You`re not arrogant, but you have a strong personality. So, brace yourself because your strong attitude is likely to cause a stir among those kinds of people. You`re confident and intimidating if you`re always on top of your work.

Confidence boosts your courage levels, which then further enhances your efficiency in the workplace. Moreover, many people gain confidence from their career success. In the workplace, you may have been called arrogant once or twice because of your confidence but this only comes from people who fail to perform well. This side of you is also what makes you intimidating.

6. You stick to your morals and words. Many people get intimidated that you hold your ground firmly. Being assertive is one sign that you`re both confident and intimidating.

When you`re assertive and know what you want, it can make you seem intimidating. You know and value your self-worth.


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