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10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

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10 Reasons Why Relationships Fail So, why do the majority of romantic partnerships end with the two people parting ways? Some are natural ones like differing goals and others are avoidable like lack of trust. Understanding these reasons can help you spot the red flags early on and maybe do something to make things work.


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In a nutshell:

Continue watching to learn about some of the major reasons couples don`t stay together. One of the most damaging impediments in a relationship is when there are trust issues.

Without trust, a relationship also lacks two things that are keeping its bond strong–safety and security. For instance, if you cannot count on your partner to keep his/her promise to take you out for an anniversary dinner then your relationship`s foundation weakens. Trust issues can manifest in many ways, such as lack of emotional support, jealousy, possessiveness, lack of reliability, and infidelity of any form. One of the top reasons people go to couples therapy is to try and fix the mistrust within their relationships.

According to several studies, poor communication or lack thereof is one of the main reasons for break-up and divorce. Like trust, communication is another major pillar of a relationship. The thing is many of us weren`t trained growing up on how to communicate well with others in the first place. Such communication skills follow us into adulthood, which can lead to frequent misunderstandings with others, including our partners.

In addition, people often assume what their partners are thinking. Another reason relationships fail is because of incompatibility. And later on, it`ll only just cause major issues in your relationship. Narcissism is an extreme form of selfishness.

However, narcissists are selfish 24/7 and never think about others. As such, when a partner is a narcissist, then he/she has never shown true intimacy in his/her relationship. In fact, they may already be doing some mental and emotional games or abuse, thus, resulting in terrible relationships. There`s no fixing a relationship marked by narcissism.

Relationships are supposed to make you feel loved. It`s no wonder abuse is one of the top reasons why some relationships never work out. Similarly, everyone has different goals in life. Here`s how having contrasting goals–and priorities–can be another reason why relationships fail: Life goals can change the entire trajectory of a relationship.

It can be that his/her goal is to start a family but you aren`t ready yet, or maybe never. It`s why it`s crucial to lay out your expectations and goals in life before truly cementing your relationship. If you want your relationship to work long-term, you must find a person who has priorities that align with your own. Don`t enter into a relationship thinking that you can change your partner`s mind later on about getting married or having kids.

Another major reason a relationship fails is that you`ve simply outgrown one another.


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