July 7, 2022


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10 Real Ways To Speed up the Weight Loss Process

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For those struggling with losing weight, the little things that add up can be detrimental to your efforts, say, a little bit more at the dinner buffet. However, making simple changes can also help accelerate your weight loss process.


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🕒 Timestamps:

Intro – 0:00
1. Eat before eating – 0:34
2. Choose healthy snacks – 0:54
3. Eat more beans – 1:19
4. Avoid liquid calories – 1:39
5. Drink tea instead of water – 1:59
6. Add strength training to your routine – 2:22
7. Sleep more – 2:41
8. Stop multitasking – 3:00
9. Be accountable – 3:17
10. Cut out high calorie foods – 3:33


In a nutshell:

Eat before eating
Think about it–if you fill a bit of your stomach before heading out to a restaurant or a party, it decreases your need to wolf down later.
Eating a small pre-meal, around 100 calories with 2-4 grams of fiber will surely take the edge off your appetite.

Choose healthy snacks
If you can’t live without snacks, then the best way to go about it is to make smart snacking choices.
Go for snacks that provide a blend of protein and fiber to keep hunger at bay.
These can be crackers, apples with butter, plain yogurt, and many more.

Eat more beans
Beans are a fantastic source of slow-release carbs and protein and fiber.
All of these slow the digestive process to help you stay fuller for longer periods.
Not to mention that consuming more soluble fiber can lower cholesterol.

Avoid liquid calories
You can consume hundreds of calories a day by drinking sugary sodas, alcohol, or juice.
These are “empty calories” since they offer extra energy but are stripped of nutritional benefits.
Stick to water or unsweetened tea and coffee.

Drink tea instead of water
The standard advice is to drink 8 glasses of water.
Water is amazing, of course, but drinking those many glasses a day can be a chore.
Meanwhile, tea is easy to sip all day long.

There are also several varieties to choose from, all of which provide health benefits other than weight loss.

Add strength training to your routine
In addition to aerobic exercise, you should incorporate strength training into your routine.
These two make a killer combo as aerobics are best for burning calories and strength training is best for boosting metabolism by increasing muscle mass.

Sleep more
Odds are, you don’t know that sleeping revs up the metabolism.
Sleep regulates hormones that control appetite and energy production.
However, skipping sleep triggers carvings since it causes the body to produce more ghrelin.

Stop multitasking
When you’re doing several things at once, your mind is not completely engaged in any of the tasks.
As a result, you’re less fully conscious and are more likely to think about food or dig mindlessly into your snack compartment.

Be accountable
Be it a diet buddy, a support group, or a food journal, it’s incredibly helpful to keep track of your daily food choices.
This only takes a couple of minutes but is crucial in doubling your weight-loss efforts.

Cut out high-caloric sugars and condiments
Look for sugar-free and low-calorie alternatives to your favorite drinks and snacks.
Instead of mustard or mayonnaise, get a salad dressing on the side to control the amount you eat.


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