October 5, 2022


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10 Natural Home Remedies That Help Get Rid Of Head Lice

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Ever find yourself itching more than usual? Better check your comb, you might’ve caught some lice already. If you think you have lice, check with the children immediately. It is highly likely you got lice from them since head lice are more common in children than adults. Continue watching to learn more!


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In a nutshell:

Head lice are known to survive up to 30 days on your scalp. Without proper care, it might lead to household infestations and skin infections. It’s better to deal with the situation immediately to reduce the damage it can do.
Home remedies are great because most of them work and it’s convenient since every material you will need is found in your household.
If you are looking for the best home remedies for immediate use, this video is for you.
A curious thing, don’t you think? Such a small creature causing such disruption. Why do we feel itchy when we have head lice, what exactly are they?
Lice are tiny insects that feed on the blood from the human scalp. They are wingless and they are considered ectoparasites—parasites that live outside the host. A sigh of relief? Me too! Imagine them being able to live inside of our scalp. That’d be very uncomfortable and really scary. Good thing they only live outside. It’s easier to kill them that way.
Lice thrives on the warm skin of the human head, causing unbearable itchiness that disrupts our daily routine.
So, where does the itch come from?
Whenever lice feed on your blood, it irritates the skin, causing inflammation and redness to your skin, which makes it itchy.
People who have sensitive skin can experience severe itching that can lead to bleeding.

Not exactly the best topic to talk about during dinner, but it is what it is.
Head lice spread through contact because they can’t jump or fly.
It sounds easy to avoid, but if you come in contact with someone who has lice problems or used his comb or hat, you might get infested.
No matter how hygienic you are, just a quick contact can ruin your entire scalp.
But if you are one of the unlucky ones who got infested and plan to not use harmful chemicals, using home remedies can be good for you since they are accessible and organic.
Before using any remedy, there is one strict rule: always comb your hair. Use a fine steel comb that will clean out not only the head lice but most importantly their eggs, which can multiply tenfold.


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