December 7, 2022


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10 Exercise Mistakes That Are Preventing You From Losing Weight

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Planning your workout carefully is crucial in order to successfully lose weight. This way, you can speed up the fat-burning process and even help tone the loose skin brought by weight loss. From things like the type of exercises to perform to the correct form, every tiny detail matters when your goal is to shed pounds.


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In a nutshell:

If you want to lose weight, then regular exercise should be a no-brainer.
However, like everything in life, mistakes can hamper our progress.
Things like sticking to the same workout routine and doing only cardio are actually mistakes that are stopping you from losing weight.

Surprised? Keep watching to know why and what other exercise mistakes you should watch out for.

You don’t incorporate variety.
Variety makes life interesting.
If exercise is to be part of your daily life, then it’s important to ensure that you’ll be enjoying it.
Fortunately, it’s hard to get bored with exercise since you have a plethora of ways to be physically active and burn all the calories you need.
More importantly, adding variety to your exercise helps you lose more weight and become fitter.
Performing the same exercises all the time makes your body get used to your routine, and sooner or later, it’ll stop responding to it.
The key to seeing results is to keep your body challenged.
Do this by mixing up the intensity or duration of every workout session then completely switch your workout once a month.
From boxing classes to yoga sessions to cardio and resistance routines, you have many options.

2. You’re focusing too much on cardio.
We all know that cardio is one of the best forms of exercise for losing unwanted fat.
The problem is people seem to overcompensate this idea, equating more cardio to more weight loss.
Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but too much cardio will compel your body to send a strong signal to start storing fat rather than burning it.
This is because when you do cardio, the body reacts to stress by suppressing a hormone that aids in fat burning, but when it’s suppressed further, the body starts gaining and storing fat instead.
Hence, excessive cardio training can lead to decreased muscle mass due to reduced metabolic rate.

3. You’re not letting your muscles rest enough.
Recovery and rest are just as important as your workout.
Yep, that’s how serious it sounds.
When there’s not enough time to relax, your body starts pumping out the stress hormone, which boosts fat storage and appetite.
That said, we aren’t telling you to take 2 days off for every day you hit the gym.
Instead, you should vary your workouts so you aren’t hitting the same muscles on consecutive days.
So, forget about back-to-back full-body strength training sessions.
Rather, it can be the upper body for day 1 then the lower body for day 2.
You can also alternate lighter workouts such as yoga or a spin class with full-body resistance training.
This method allows your muscles to recover without cutting into your workout schedule.
Put simply, it’s a win-win for you.

4. You’re neglecting stretching.
Stretching is one of the most important aspects of a training program, yet it’s often neglected by many.
Among other things, stretching helps you maintain flexibility, reduce discomfort and pain, avoid injury, correct muscle imbalances, and allows for an efficient and effective exercise session.
By doing all those things, stretching can directly impact your ability to burn calories and shed pounds in the long term.
Furthermore, stretching makes you feel better, much like how a massage relaxes your body.
Ideally, take time to stretch your major muscles and the ones you’ll be engaging in your workouts.
Do this before and after you complete your workout routine.

5. You’re always training at the same intensity.
This mistake usually takes in either of the two forms; always training with too low intensity or always training with too high intensity.
When it comes to weight loss and fitness goals, both of these are less than ideal for fairly obvious reasons.


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