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10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism. Metabolism is responsible for converting nutrients from the foods you consume into fuel. In other words, it’s the amount of energy or calories the body needs to function daily. One major reason people want to boost their metabolism is to lose weight.


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In other words, it`s the amount of energy or calories the body needs to function daily. One major reason people want to boost their metabolism is to lose weight. That`s because the faster your metabolism is, the more calories or energy you burn in your daily activities. There are several easy and effective ways to increase your metabolism.

Cutting back your calorie intake actually tells your body that food is scarce, causing your metabolism to respond by slowing down to try to conserve energy. Therefore, you must make sure you eat enough calories, at least an amount that matches your metabolic resting rate. Doing so will ensure that your metabolism is increased while trying to lose weight. Green tea offers loads of health benefits, the main culprit being flavonoids or phenolic compounds that help boost metabolism and aid in the breaking down of fats.

According to studies, drinking green tea has been shown to boost metabolism. In fact, it was discovered that oolong tea can increase energy expenditure by 2. 9%, which is equally burning an additional 281 calories per day. Particularly, unsweetened, brewed green tea was shown to rev up calorie burn by about 100 calories per day.

One of the best beverages for weight loss and fat burning is coffee because of its ability to boost metabolism. In one study, researchers examined the effects of caffeine and coffee on the metabolic rate in both average-weight and obese individuals. Moreover, in the fourth trial, subjects who drank coffee with a meal had a significantly greater thermic effect of food and fat oxidation after coffee consumption. In conclusion, it showed that coffee and caffeine can stimulate the metabolic rate in both average-weight and obese individuals, in addition to increased fat oxidation in average-weight people.

Did you know that eating food can cause a temporary increase in metabolism for a few hours? This process is called the thermic effect of food or TEF. Due to the additional calories needed to be digested, absorbed, and processed, the TEF is activated. And since it takes longer to burn protein, the body then has no choice but to use more energy to absorb all the nutrients from the high-protein meals. Whey protein boosts calorie burn and fat utilization, helping the body maintain muscle and signal the brain to feel full.

That`s because drinking more water increases the number of calories burned, which is otherwise called resting energy expenditure. In fact, cold water promotes a slightly greater calorie-burning effect than room-temperature as it forces the body to use energy to bring it down to body temperature. Specifically for children, drinking water can boost their metabolism by up to 25% for almost an hour after drinking it. On the other hand, drinking a few cups every hour is also effective at keeping your metabolism at optimal performance all day.

In general, studies have concluded that spicy dishes can temporarily boost metabolism by around 8% over a person`s normal rate. Capsaicin is thermogenic, causing the body temperature to rise and burn more calories immediately after consuming spicy food. Another easy way to increase your metabolism is to eat more fiber-rich foods.


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