June 29, 2022


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10 Daily Habits That Will Accelerate All Muscle Growth

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Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to gaining muscle than lifting heavy weights and eating lots of protein (although those two things will certainly support your pursuit).


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In a nutshell:

Just like with pretty much any other fitness-related endeavor, building lean muscle mass, whether you’re looking to “bulk up big” or “lean-out” just a little, requires consistent dedication to a carefully crafted plan. Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to gaining muscle than lifting heavy weights and eating lots of protein (although those two things will certainly support your pursuit). In addition to the right diet and exercise routine, there are several important habits you’ll need to commit to if you’re serious about building more muscle. Sleep is a restorative period where muscles can develop and any damage is repaired. During sleep, the brain increases blood flow to your muscles and releases the human growth hormone. It’s this hormone that grows the muscles worked on in the gym.

Sleep provides the body with an opportunity to build and repair. When a person doesn’t get enough sleep, this process is diminished and will affect overall muscle growth. Muscle-growing hormones including testosterone are also released during sleep. The more sleep a person has the more muscle-growing hormones are released and utilized by the body. Less sleep means less opportunity for growth and can lead to a loss of protein. Getting enough sleep is key to muscle growth and should factor as keenly as nutrition and weight volume in your training schedule. For your body to have enough energy to grow your muscles, you need to eat more calories than you burn per day. When you consume fewer calories than you burn, the body breaks down muscle as a source of energy. If the goal is to build muscle, you need to eat adequate protein and enough carbohydrates so that the body doesn’t turn to protein as an energy source. The amount of calories that your body needs depends on your weight, metabolism, and the intensity of your workouts. Heavy gardening, which requires you to use a lot of your muscles can help with overall strengthening.

One easy way to include additional musculature (exercise different muscles) during gardening is to switch hands periodically when doing tasks like raking or shoveling. It is likely you already have a rhythm down, but simply going from one activity to another in this way, can incorporate more musculature and increase the number of calories burned. Adding a heavy carry to the end of your routine not only increases muscle gain, fat loss, and full-body strength; but also the often-neglected core and grip strength. The following three carries are a great way to start to incorporate this exercise into your routine, without increasing the risk of injury, and without requiring the use of specialized equipment. Many assume that because they have a good diet, alcohol will not affect their body. Having a good nutrition plan does not outweigh the negative effects of alcohol. To repair this damage, muscles need protein.

When the body degrades muscle protein, it breaks down more muscle than it builds. Many try combining protein sources with alcohol to outweigh the negative effects. This does not diminish the effects of alcohol on muscle growth. This limits the effect it has on muscle protein synthesis. When it comes to promoting muscle gain, water also plays a key role because it transports the nutrients needed for producing protein and glycogen structures, the building blocks of muscles in the body. Climbing stairs can also help build muscle mass in the lower body. Cycling can act as a muscle-building workout. In cycling, the muscles working will be in the lower body, mainly your quads and glutes from the pushing movement you do to move the pedals round.


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