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10 Bicep Exercises That Will Force Your Arms To Grow

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Bicep Exercises That Will Force Your Arms To Grow – In this video you will find out exactly how to get bigger biceps, which exercises are best and which exercises you may be doing incorrectly. Keep watching to find out more!


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In a nutshell:

The best bicep workout for mass helps you to get that desirable triangular shape, adding some much-needed girth to your upper body. This isolation move targets the bicep muscles on the front of the arms. How to do Standing Dumbbell Curl: It`s why hammer curls are fantastic at maximizing your arm gains and helping improve your grip strength.

Grab a pair of dumbbells and hang them next to your sides at arm`s length. Now, without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells as close as you can to your shoulders. Pause then slowly lower the weight back to the initial position, completely straightening your arms. Cable curls are one of the best ways to train your bicep muscles, regardless of your goal.

This movement is also among the most effective exercises for activating the bicep muscles, second only to the concentration curl. Grab the handle with both hands, your palms facing forward and arms extended straight to the floor. The incline dumbbell curl is a classic and essential bicep exercise. It`s pretty much like the standard dumbbell curl but doing it while sitting.

Curling with extended arms creates a longer range of motion for more muscular tension. Hold at the top of the movement for about a second then slowly lower the dumbbells with control. But it`s during the pulling when the muscles, specifically the biceps, are most active. Performing the bent-over row recruits other muscles, so you`ll likely use a weight that`s way heavier than one you would curl.

Grab a barbell with both hands and position it beyond shoulder-width apart, holding it at arm`s length. Now, pull the bar to your ribcage, hold for a second or two, then lower back to the starting position. Another amazing exercise for the biceps is the Decline Dumbbell Curl. Get to know it better next: Lying chest-down on a bench while curling greatly isolates the biceps.

How to do Decline Dumbbell Curl Now, grab a pair of dumbbells and lie with your chest against the bench. Then, without moving your upper arms, bend your elbows and curl the weights as close as you can to your shoulders. Hold for a count or two before slowly lowering the dumbbells back to the starting position. Every time you return to the starting position make sure to completely straighten your arms.

Hold a pair of dumbbells by your sides with your palms facing forward. Then, curl the dumbbells up to your shoulders, keeping your upper arms still and turning your hands so your palms face up as you lift. Pause for a second or two then rotate the weights so your palms face forward.


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